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Roark Supply, Inc.
is an abrasive supplier for cut off wheels,
zirconia flap discs, and high speed gas cutoff wheels. Our quality metal cutting cut off wheels range from 2", 3", 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 10", 12", & 14" and give our high quality cut off wheels the longest life. Our selection for High Speed Cut Off Wheels for Gas Powered Cut Off Saws is extensive. We have Gas Powered Cut Off Wheels in 12" & 14" diameter, 1" and 20mm Arbors for cutting Steel, Ductile Iron, Concrete and Masonry. The 12" and 14" gas cut off wheels are for industrial use.

The New Pearl XTREME™ PX-4000™
The New Pearl XTREME™ PX-4000™ is a revolutionary line of diamond wheels for metal applications. It is designed to cut metal, stainless steel and a variety of ferrous metals with less odor and debris compared to conventional abrasives. The Pearl Xtreme™ is engineered with a high concentration of diamonds with an extremely strong bond. The Pearl XTREME™ features fast cutting speed compared to conventional bonded abrasives and much longer life. It is extremely efficient because it reduces the need to change wheels frequently, which increases productivity dramatically. In addition, the shape of the wheel does not change overtime; therefore, the depth of cut remains the same from the first cut to the final cut.

Zirconia Flap Disc
Our Zirconia Flap Disc selection has grown to many sizes, grits, densities, and arbor types. Zirconia Flap Discs have great lasting quality and the cost per cut is extremely economical.

Roloc Sanding Discs
Sanding Discs, Roloc, Rolon, Quick Change and mandrell adapters are all available for our abrasive sanding discs. The sizes of discs we offer ranges from 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" 8" & 9". The PSA Discs are sticky backs and the Resin Fiber have a 7/8" hole in the center. The 2", 3" & 4" Sanding Discs have a roloc style attachment to a mandrell adaptor with a 1/4" shank metal spindle. Our sanding discs start at 16 Grit and go upto 1200 Grit.

Black UV Resistant UL Listed Cable Ties are another great product we offer. Our Made in the USA Cable Ties are weight rated upt to 175lbs! The Cable ties are Black, UV Resistant and UL Listed. Other Cable ties we have are releasable, push mount, screw mount, and stainless steel cable ties.

Made in the USA Drill Bits are always in stock. We have Made In USA Drill Bit Sets in 29 piece Huot Index's. We have other Drill Bits in individual sizes as well. Common lengths of Made In USA Drill bits are machine screw, mechanic length, jobber length, and aircraft. We also have double ended 1/8" drill bits.

We have many products in stock such as Metal Cutting Blades for Angle Grinder, Metal Cutting Blades for Gas Saws, Metal Cutting Blades for Air Tools, Metal Cutting Blades for Pneumatic Tools, & Metal Cutting Blades for Grinders

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