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3M Roloc Sanding Discs

Browse our selection of 3M Roloc sanding discs designed specifically for tough applications and projects. Our quality-made sanding discs are equipped with multiple features, making tough grinding easier and faster. 3M’s Roloc technology makes for quick changes and a secure lock. Their small diameter size makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places, and their versatility features allow them to be used on both drill and air tools. Our line of 3M Roloc sanding discs is the number one choice for professionals looking for high-quality abrasives designed for high performance and efficiency. Make jobs easier and faster with our abrasive sanding discs and enjoy full reliability and convenience. We promise you will be completely satisfied with the execution of our products.

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3M 777F 2" Ceramic Sanding Disc 3M 777F 2" Ceramic Roloc Sanding DIscs

3M 777F 2" Roloc Sanding Discs
High Quality Ceramic Sanding Discs

3M 777F 3"  Ceramic Roloc Sanding Disc 3M 777F 3" Ceramic Roloc Sanding Disc

3M 777F 3" Roloc Sanding Discs
High Quality Ceramic Sanding Discs

3M Roloc Green Corps Abrasive Disc 3M 2" & 3" Roloc Green Corps Abrasive Disc - USA

  • Tough, duarable combinaton of abrasive grain, resin bond and reinforced fabric
  • Small diameter sizes allow for grinding in hard-to-reach places
  • Tough, coarse aluminum oxide abrasive stays sharper longer
  • Ideal for heavy stock removal, cutting, rough grinding, weld preparation and weld removal
  • Versatile Roloc attachment system works with any 1/4" drill or air tool
  • Allows for quick twist-on, twist-off disc changes for lower labor costs
  • 40 and 60 Grit

3M Cubitron II Roloc Fibre Disc 786C 3M Cubitron II 2" & 3" Roloc 786C Fibre Disc - Made in USA

  • Proprietary 3M Precision Shaped Grain technology to deliver superior cut rates
  • Material type: Precision Shaped Ceramic -- distinctive purple ceramic grain
  • Outperforms traditional zirconia flap discs
  • Significantly longer lasting, complete more parts per disc and requires fewer disc changes
  • 36, 60 and 80 Grit