What You Need To Know to Choose the Right Hole Saw

The hole saw is a common sight in fabrication, as it allows one to efficiently cut holes in a variety of materials, from plastic and plaster to wood and metal. A hole cutter is often used in lieu of other cutting tools because it will cut a hole without expending the energy necessary to cut through the central material.

Given the different types of materials that a hole saw may be used on, it’s important to carefully consider the type of hole saw required. For example, a bi metal hole saw will work well on metal, wood, and steel, but may be overkill for softer materials like plaster.

Aside from the type of hole saw to use, it’s important to stock a range of different sizes as well, as the diameter of the hole saw is another major criteria to consider when purchasing a hole saw.

Roark Supply, Inc. carries a wide range of hole saws from well-known manufacturers like Starrett, Lenox, and M.K. Morse, which come in a variety of diameters. Have a need for multiple hole saws? A hole saw kit can be a great first investment for many firms.

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