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Metalworking Abrasives

Browse our extensive selection of high-quality metalworking abrasives ideal for all applications and surfaces. Our products include flap discs, chop saw wheels, sanding discs, surface conditioning discs, wire wheels, and much more. Our products are designed to provide exceptional finishing and polishing results on virtually any surface. Our line of metalworking abrasives includes various types and sizes that can be used on most materials. Preferred by professionals and industries across the world, these top-quality abrasives can get any job done and are the ideal solution for all your sanding needs. Achieve amazing results and superior performance on the most challenging surfaces.

  • Flap Discs

    Flap Discs for Sale

    Over the last decade, flap discs have been the fastest growing abrasives category in metal fabrication. Many find them a more efficient process because they offer fast stock removal and provide grinding, blending and finishing with one product. Compared to grinding discs, they are lighter weight, easier-to-control and require less downtime for product changes.

    We offer a vast selection of flap discs from the USA and Germany, including zirconia and ceramic flap discs, flap discs for aluminum, and genuine 3M™ Cubitron™ flap discs. Our quality-made flap discs are designed with versatility and stability during each operation. To efficiently get the job done in one operation, browse our collection of abrasive flap discs for your next project.

  • Cut Off Wheels

    Cut-Off Wheels for Metal

    An essential to metal fabricators, cut-off wheels for metal are used for various applications, such as dry cutting, wet cutting and bench grinding. They are designed to make swift, clean cuts in steel, stainless steel and most metals. Aluminum oxide is the most common abrasive used in basic cut-off wheels. For better performing wheels, zirconia is used. We offer a full array of cut-off wheels in various sizes and abrasive materials. Our top performing cut-off wheels are skillfully manufactured in the USA and Germany. Keep your equipment and your tools in top shape with our high-performance and durable collection of cut-off wheels for metal. Designed to provide fast and comfortable cuts and efficient advantages to get any type of job done. Browse various types and sizes of cut-off wheels for metal and choose the best one that fits your needs.

  • Chop Saw Wheels

    Chop Saw Wheels

    Check out our selection of metal-cutting chop saw wheels for your next metalworking project. Designed for fast cutting and with durable long-life wheels, you can get any job done with ease. Roark Supply Inc. carriers an extensive collection of sizes and types featuring top brands, including Falcon, Walter AllSteel, and more. Our quality-made metalworking chop saw wheels provide aggressive grinding power and smooth finishes on any surface. Created with high-grain concentration you can enjoy high performance, speed, and safety on your next project. Browse our cutting saw products and select the one that best suits your needs.

  • Grinding Discs & Stones

    Grinding Wheels

    While flap discs might be the popular option in the abrasives category, grinding discs or grinding wheels are the preferred choice when heavy material removal is required. Our grinding wheels and discs are engineered for aggressive stock removal and extra-long life. Roark Supply Inc. quality-made metal grinding discs are designed for exceptional precision and consistency on all applications. Providing the ultimate finishes, our grinding wheels and cutting tools are used by industry professionals around the world. Browse our high-performance abrasive grinding wheels fit to meet the highest requirements of any job.

    We offer grinding discs in various sizes including 4.5”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 9”.

  • Carbide Burrs - Made in USA

    USA-Made Carbide Burrs

    Roark Supply Inc. provides an extensive selection of made-in-the-USA carbide burrs, ideal for most hard materials. Our line features various types, shapes, and sizes designed to work on any application and meet a wide range of requirements. Our quality-made carbide burrs can be used on steel, cast iron, stone, aluminum, hardwood, and many other applications. These multipurpose products bring functionality and high performance to any project. They are widely used by industry experts and are backed up by a 100% guarantee. Browse our large selection of carbide burrs designed to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations of a job well done.


    √ Steel (Nickel Chrome) √ Stainless Steel √ Steel Weldments √ Titanium
    √ Brass √ Steel (Carbon)
    √ Bronze
    √ Copper
    √ Cast Iron
    √ Steel (40-55 RC)
    √ Steel (55-60 RC)

  • 3M Sanding Belts

    3M Belt Sanding Belts

    Roark Supply Inc. offers top-quality 3M sanding belts to address a wide range of applications, including, metal, and hard-to-grind surfaces. Our multipurpose 3M abrasive sanding belts are ideal for a range of uses, including grinding, deburring, sanding, finishing, and polishing. Our collection features quality, performance, consistency, and speed created for industry professionals. Equipped with a variety of features, such as increased cutting efficiency, water resistance, and durability, ideal for high-pressure applications. Browse our collection of 3M sanding belts featuring a variety of sizes and materials, the perfect solution for your project needs.

  • 3M™ Roloc™ Sanding Discs

    3M Roloc Sanding Discs

    Browse our selection of 3M Roloc sanding discs designed specifically for tough applications and projects. Our quality-made sanding discs are equipped with multiple features, making tough grinding easier and faster. 3M’s Roloc technology makes for quick changes and a secure lock. Their small diameter size makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places, and their versatility features allow them to be used on both drill and air tools. Our line of 3M Roloc sanding discs is the number one choice for professionals looking for high-quality abrasives designed for high performance and efficiency. Make jobs easier and faster with our abrasive sanding discs and enjoy full reliability and convenience. We promise you will be completely satisfied with the execution of our products.

  • MIRKA Sanding Discs

    MIRKA Sanding Discs

    Offering PSA and Hook and Loop design, Roark Supply Inc.’s selection of MIRKA sanding discs are perfect for almost any surface. Designed specifically for stock removal, polishing, and finishing applications, they deliver high performance and remarkable results. Created for high-speed sanding, these sanding discs come in a variety of diameter sizes, packs, and grit counts. MIRKA sanding discs are the preferred choice for most professionals because of their durability and capability to withstand the toughest applications and jobs out there. These innovative and highly versatile sanding discs can be used for both dry and wet sanding applications. Browse our line of MIRKA sanding discs and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Sanding Discs

    Industrial Sanding Discs

    Browse our extensive supply of industrial sanding discs for your next big or small project. Our abrasive sanding discs are designed to quickly and easily remove material, light defects, paint, rust, and more on wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. Their multifunction and high quality are what makes them the number one choice for many professionals. Available in various types and sizes, our collection of industrial sanding discs attaches to any tools and provide steady and firm control. Ideal for heavy duty applications that require regular and powerful sanding. Choose from our large collection of sanding discs that are best suited for your application and enjoy high-quality finishes.

  • 3M Surface Conditioning Disc

    3M Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc

    The Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc combines 3M's durable, non-woven disc with its efficient quick-change attachment system for an effective disc that cleans, finishes, blends, and deburrs. Our non-woven fiber construction conforms well to help preserve irregular or contoured surfaces and the Roloc backing supports the disc for aggressive cutting.
  • Stripping & Removal Discs

    Stripping Discs

    Browse our large supply of stripping discs and adaptors for various uses and applications. Easily strip off and clean paint, rust, and other material from metal, wood, fiberglass, and more. Made for aggressive stripping and quality finishes, our products are the number one preferred choice for leading industry specialists. Equipped with an array of features, our collection of stripping discs is ideal for any size job and type of application. Delivering the ultimate high performance and able to handle the toughest jobs, these stripping discs are a must-have for any project. Choose from a range of sizes and types that will best suit your needs.

  • 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Roloc™ Bristle Disc

    3M Scotch Brite Roloc Bristle Discs

    Roark Supply Inc. provides high-quality 3M Scotch Brite Roloc bristle discs for the toughest surfaces and applications. Our extensive collection of bristle discs features a variety of sizes and types providing a high degree of quality finishes. The 3M bristle discs are proven to be more effective than regular wire brushes and designed with flexibility and durability in mind. Our line of multipurpose 3M Scotch Brite Roloc bristle discs is ideal for deburring, blending, cleaning, polishing, and more. Used for the removal of rust, scratches, and other materials for quick and smooth finishes. Browse our many types and choose the best one that fits your application.